Greymouth Tours


Small Group Tours of Greymouth

This is the perfect answer to the question,  “what is there to do in Greymouth?”

Following the arrival of Thomas Brunner in 1847, this tour brings to life the key points in the colourful history of Greymouth, a town built on gold and then coal, exploring some of the eccentric characters that roamed the land searching for gold.

This two hour tour departs from  Greymouth at 4.45 to 5pm (pick up from your accommodation) and  returns you between 7.00 and 7.15 pm. Cost per-person $45.00 minimum numbers 2.. Group discounts available .

*While this tour hopes to surprise you by offering some of the hidden treasures of Greymouth, for those of you who are not so keen on surprises get in touch for a full rundown of the tour*


自1847年Thomas Brunner第一次来到此地之后,格雷茅斯先后因金矿和煤矿而兴盛。我们会和您一起重温这个城镇的悠久历史,并了解几名著名的淘金者。